ANAMS 41(1&2): 1-76, 2005




                                Diagnosis of tuberculous meningitis: newer approaches
                                -suited to developing countries

                                V V Radhakrishnan                                                                          1


                                Public Health Significance of Leptospirosis
                                - A Neglected Disease in India

                                S C Sehgal and A  P Sugunan                                                    23


                                Role of the Preoptic area in sleep regulation
                                Velayudhan Mohan Kumar                                                          35


                                New Challenges in Gene Delivery in vivo
                                Savita Bisht and Amarnath Maitra                                              57


                                Herbal Splendour, Medicinal Health &Modern Medicine
                                S Subramanian, S Rajarajan and S P Thyagarajan                69



ANAMS 41(3&4): 77-122, 2005



                             The Relevance of Medical Education for
                            Overall Health care

                            P.K. Dave                                                                                         77


                            Computer Modeling for Drug Development
                            Gita  Subba Rao                                                                              83


                            Stem Cells and their Therapeutic Potential
                            Deepa Bhartiya, Neeraj Kumar, Indira Hinduja,
                            Kusum Zaveri and Chander Puri                                                  93

                            The Occurrence of Rhinosporidium seeberi in a
                            fresh water pond at Piranmalai
                            (Sivaganga District, Tamil Nadu, India)

                            S. Kameswaran, M. Lakshmnan, Rm. Pitchappan, 
                            K. Shanmugham, K.N. Shahul Hammeed,
                            C. Rajamanickam                                                                           103

                            Pathogenesis of Infective Endocarditis
                            Tulsi D. Chugh                                                                                 115