ANAMS 42(1): 1-84, 2006


Obesity and Cardiometabolic Risk Factors



                                The Emerging Epidemic of Obesity and Cardio

                                metabolic Risk Factors

                                J.S. Bajaj and K.K. Talwar                                                          1


                                Metabolic Syndrome : From Inert Facts to 

                                Informed Action

                                J.S. Bajaj                                                                                      5


                                Demographic Determinants of the Epidemic of


                                R. Muralidharan                                                                         11


                                Energy Homeostasis and Obesity

                                J.S. Bajaj                                                                                     17


                                Measurement of Insulin Resistance in Vivo

                                Anil Bhansali                                                                               29


                                Genetics of Metabolic Syndrome

                                Madhu Khullar and Taranjit Singh Rai                                      33


                                Insulin Resistance : Pathological Basis and

                                Clinical Significance

                                J.S. Bajaj and Mandeep Bajaj                                                     45


                                The Metabolic Syndrome and Cardiovascular Risk

                                K.K. Talwar and Ajay Swamy                                                    61                          


                                Metabolic Syndrome, microalbuminuria and

                                chronic kidney diseases

                                H.S. Kohli                                                                                   69


                                Medical management of Obesity - Current status

                                Sanjay Bhadada                                                                          79



ANAMS 42(2): 85-168, 2006




                                National Standards for Medical Education -

                                A focus on quality enhancement

                                J.S. Bajaj                                                                                    85


                                Management of sever acute pancreatitis

                                - How far we have come

                                J.D. Wig                                                                                     95


                                Virus-Host Interplay During Japanese Encephalitis

                                Virus Infection

                                Asha Mathur                                                                               109


                                Immunology of Lymphatic Filariasis: Connecting

                                the dots

                                Balachandran Ravindran                                                            135


                                Hemophilia and allied disorders care in India: A

                                story of dismay and success

                                Dipika Mohanty                                                                          147


                                Peptic Ulcer Diseases: Managing the Paradigm Shift

                                M.P. Sharma                                                                               157



ANAMS 42(3): 169-233, 2006




                                First Dr. B.K. Anand Oration

                                Hypothalamic Regulation of Energy Homeostasis

                                J.S. Bajaj                                                                                     169


                                Current Practice in Imaging in Obstructive Biliopathy

                                Sushma Vashisht                                                                         191


                                Trends in sexually transmitted infections in India

                                Vinod K. Sharma                                                                        211


                                Prevalence of gram negative organism isolated 

                                from blood culture and their antimicrobial

                                susceptibility pattern: A five-year retrospective

                                study from a tertiary referral hospital

                                Shampa Anupurba, Amitabha Battacharjee,

                                Atul Garg, Malay Ranjan Sen                                                     221


                                Addendum: Fig 1-6 and Tables 1-6. Hemophilia and

                                allied disorders in India: A story of dismay and success.                     

                                Dipika Mohanty                                                                         229




ANAMS 42(4): 235-315, 2006


Current Perspectives in Cancer Management and Research




                                Stem Cell: Its Evolving Role in Cancer Management and


                                Vinod Kochupillai, Lalit Kumar, Rashmi Bhardwaj

Sujata Mohanty, Manju Sengar                                                  235


                                Cancer Vaccines with Special Reference to Human

                                Papilloma Virus (HPV)

                                 Shripad P. Joshi, Mausumi Bharadwaj, Bhudev C. Das           245


                                Genetic Predisposition to Cancer

                                Rita Mulherkar                                                                           255


                                Tumor Biomarkers 

                                Kunzang Chosdol, Subrata Sinha                                               263       


Molecular Targets for Cancer Prevention and Therapy

                                 Neeta Singh                                                                                283


Early Detection of Gynaecological Malignancies-

Refreshing Awareness for Medical Fraternity

Shakti Bhan Khanna                                                                  299


Biology of Childhood Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia

in Indian Patients is Different from the West                          

Bhargava M, Bhatia K, Arya LS, Raina U, Advani S,

Shanta V, Magrath I                                                                   315