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CME Monograph II (2001)

“Advances in Human Cytogenetics”, Editor: Dr. Ashutosh Halder, Sanjay Gandhi Postgraduate Institute of Medical Sciences, Lucknow



S.No. Title of Topic Author (s)



1. Advances in Human Cytogenetics: An Overview                        Ashutosh Halder


2. Chromosome Structure and Function                                           Paul Malet



3. Aspects of the Recent Evolution of Human Genome:                 Mariano Rocchi
    Centromeric and Pericentromeric Regions


4. Genome-Wide Analysis of Different Chromosomal                    Holger Tonnies
Imbalances in Routine Cytogenetic Diagnostics
by CGH


5. Molecular Cytogenetics of Cancer: Making a                            Meena Augustus
Difference with Spectral Karyotyping


6. Cancer Genetics in India                                                               K. Kucheria


7. Application of FISH in Haematological Malignancies                 Puteri Baharuddin


8. Genotoxicity of Carcinogenic Mineral Fibers                              Dietmar Sciffmann


9. Cytogenetic Studies among the Newborns from                      P.S. Chauhan
High Level Natural Radiation Areas of Kerala


10. Preconception and Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis             Amit Chakravarty


11. Methods of Germ Cells Study                                                    P. Popescu


12. Y-Chromosome Micro-Deletion in Idiopathic Male                  Rajiva Raman


13. Fluorescence In Situ Hybridization                                             Mariano Rocchi


14. X Chromosome                                                                            Sayee Rajangam


15. Molecular Genetics of FRAXA and FRAXE                             B.K. Thelma
      Syndromes: Study of an Institutionalized
      Population of


1. Probe Fish and CGH                                                                      Ashutosh Halder


2. CGH                                                                                               Holger Tonnies


3. Probe FISH                                                                                    Puteri Baharuddin


4. Germ Cell Study                                                                            Paul Popescu


5. Probe Growing, Extraction, Labelling & FISH                          M. Rocchi


6. Fragile X DNA Diagnosis                                                             B.K. Thelma




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