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CME Monograph IV (2001)

“Mycobacteriology Laboratory Manual”, Editors: Drs. P. Venkataraman*, C.N. Paramasivan* and J.N. Pande@, *Tuberculosis Research Center (ICMR), Chetput, Chennai, @All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi




Sputum Smear Microscopy

Equipment & reagents

Specimen collection

Smear preparation procedures

Acid-Fast staining procedures

Ziehl-Neelsen staining

Smear examination procedures

Morphological characteristics of tubercle bacilli

Causes of error in microscopy

Consequences of false-positive and false-negative smears

Recording and reporting of results

Essential equipment and supplies



Culture of Sputum Specimens

Specimen collection

Homogenization and Decontamination

Modified Petroff’s method

Processing of specimens with CPC and NaCl

Culture media

Advantages and disadvantages of Egg-based medium

Precautions during media preparation

Preparation of Lowenstein-Jensen medium

Inoculation and Incubation procedures

Culture examination and identification

Reading of cultures

Recording and reporting of laboratory results

Care and maintenance of essential equipment

Safe handling of specimens

Essential equipment and supplies



Drug Susceptibility Tests

Bacterial suspension

Incubation and reading

Interpretation of results

Definition of resistance

Preparation of drug-containing media



Identification Tests

Niacin test

Catalase test

Growth on PNB medium




Quality Assurance Programme

Quality control

Quality improvement

Proficiency testing





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