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CME Monograph VI (2003)

“Radiological Protection of Patients in Medical Application of Ionizing Radiation”, Editor: Dr. A.K. Shukla, Sanjay Gandhi Postgraduate Institute of Medial Sciences, Lucknow



S.No. Title of Topic                                                                Author(s)


1. Administrative elements of achieving ALARA                Richard G. Piccolo

in patient exposures


2. Fluoroscopists credentialing-why & how?                        Suresh K. Agarwal, Gary D.Hartwell


3. Accidents/incidents in the medical applications               B.C. Bhatt

of Ionizing radiation


4. Patient protection in radiation therapy                             U.B. Tripathi


5. Skin entry-dose calculations for fluoroscopically             John F. Angle, G. D. Hartwell,

guided procedures: estimating the benefits from                 David J., Spinosa Klaus D. Hagspiel,

routine use of pulsed fluoroscopy                                         Daniel A. Leung, Alan H. Matsumoto


6. Misadministration and radiation counselling                   G.S. Pant, C.S. Bal

in nuclear medicine


7. Safety of the patient-A growing concern                          B.K. Das, A.K. Shukla


8. Patient safety during radiobioconjugate                           Daya Kishore Hazra



9. Radiation safety aspects of treatment planning               S.L. Kapoor



10. Doses to patients from routine diagnostic X-ray           S.P. Mishra, Vinita Gupta

and CT scanner and analysis of risk in light of

recent radiological safety norms


11. Dosimetry of internal emitters: At what level?             A.R. Reddy


12. Short and long term biological effects of                        T.S. Kehwar, Sushmita Ghoshal

radiation exposures


13. Reference radiation levels for diagnostic                       R. Ravichandran  

radiological procedures


14. Recent development in CT and general                         S.P. Mishra, Vinita Gupta,

considerations for patient dose reduction                             Shalini Jaiswal

in CT procedures


15. Radiological protection of patients during                      B. Rajeshekharrao, A.M. Samuel

radioiodine therapy procedures


16. Cancer pattern in India and strategies for                     Cherian Varghese

cancer control


17. Unwanted patient dose from a 4MV medical                 P. Sethulakshmi, V. Jayalakshmi,

linear accelerator: Computation and                                    S.K. Gupta, T. Palani Selvam,

measurement                                                                          Surajit Pal


18. Prototype development of a multimedia CD on             A.K. Pandey, M.R. Barman, G.S. Pant

radiation safety in diagnostic radiology: Special                  S. Thulkar

emphasis on patient safety


19. Study of quality assurance practices in                          Shalini Jaiswal, Vinita Gupta,

diagnostic x-ray installations and its                                     S. Ahamad, S.P. Mishra

correlation in patient dose reduction


20. Associated risks in interventional procedures               R.N.L. Srivastava

and dose reduction methodologies


21. Radiation biology and human health: Risk                    K.P. Mishra

perceptions and New Challenges




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