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CME Monograph VII (2004)

“Ethics in Clinical Practice”, Editors: Dr. J.N. Pande and Dr. J.S. Bajaj, All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi



S.No. Title of Topic                                                    Author(s)



1. Ethics in Clinical Practice                                      J.S. Bajaj


2. Physician Assisted Suicide-Legal and                  T.D. Dogra & Sanjeev Lalwani

Ethical Issues


3. End of Life Issues: A Neglected Area in              S.K. Agarwal, Anupam Prakash

India and N.P. Singh


4. Prioritisation of Care in the ICU                           R. Guleria and A Mohan


5. Ethical Issues Related to Investigations and       S. K. Jindal

Therapeutic Interventions in the ICU: High

Cost of Care


6. Ethical Issues in Prenatal Diagnosis                    Madhulika Kabra


7. Communicating with Patients having                    Lalit Kumar

Incurable Malignancies


8. The Transplantation of Human Organs                Samiran Nundy

Act of India, 1994


9. Discrimination in Health Care to Patient             Deepika C Khakha

Living with HIV and AIDS


10. Teaching Medical Ethics                                     Lalit M Nath


11. Ethical Issues in Clinical Practice: An                J.N. Pande




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