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CME Monograph VIII (2005)

“Diagnostic Dermatopathology”, Editor: Dr. M.K. Singh, All India Institute of

Medical Sciences, New Delhi




S.No. Title of Topic                                                    Author(s)


1. Techniques & Pitfalls in Skin Biopsy                   Asha Kubba


2. Immune mediated vesiculobullous disorder         K.K. Verma, M.K. Singh
                                                                                    and Pascal D’Souza


3. Granulomatous inflammations of the                    Navjivan Singh, A. Mukherjee,
skin - Tuberculosis                                                     M. Ramam and V.K. Sharma


4. Detection and identification of                              Lalit Dar
Mycobacterium tuberculosis and
other mycobacteria


5. Treatment of cutaneous tuberculosis                    Vinod Sharma


6. Fungal Infections                                                   B.K. Khaitan, S. Datta Gupta
                                                                                    and Pascal D’Souza


7. Immunohistochemistry                                          S. Datta Gupta and M.K. Singh


8. Immunofluorescence in diagnostic pathology       M.K. Singh and A.K. Dinda



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