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CME Monograph Series : IX (2006)

“Obesity and Cardiometabolic Risks Factors"
Editors: Dr. J.S. Bajaj,
Director & Chief Consultant, Diabetic, Endocrine & Metabolic Medicine, Batra Hospital & Medical Research Centre, New Delhi and
Dr. K.K. Talwar,
Director, Professor & Head, Deptt. of Cardiology, Postgraduate Institute of Medical Education and Research, Chandigarh.



S.No.           Title of Topic                                                  Author(s)


1.    The Emerging Epidemic of Obesity and            J.S. Bajaj and K.K. Talwar

       Cardiometabolic Risk Factors


2.    Metabolic Syndrome : From Inert Facts            J.S. Bajaj

       to Informed Action

3.    Demographic Determinants of the Epidemic    R. Muralidharan

       of Obesity

4.    Energy Homeostasis and Obesity                      J.S. Bajaj


5.    Measurement of Insulin Resistance in Vivo     Anil Bhansali


6.    Genetics of Metabolic Syndrome                        Madhu Khullar and

                                                                                     Taranjit Singh Rai


7.    Insulin Resistance: Pathological Basis and        J.S. Bajaj and

       Clinical Significance                                             Mandeep Bajaj


8.    The Metabolic Syndrome and Cardiovascular   K.K. Talwar and

       Risk                                                                      Ajay Swamy


9.    Metabolic Syndrome, microalbuminuria and        

       chronic kidney disease                                         H.S. Kohli


10.    Medical management of Obesity-

         Current status                                                     Sanjay Bhadada 




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