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NAMS HOUSE - Ansari Nagar, Mahatma Gandhi Marg, New Delhi-110029

Frequently Asked Questions



Ques. 1   Where is the NAMS (India) office located?       

Ans: It is located on Mahatma Gandhi Marg (Ring Road), Ansari Nagar, New Delhi. It is adjacent to the National Medical Library and very close to the Indian Council of Medical Research and the All India Institute of Medical Sciences. The nearest Metro Station is that of the AIIMS Hospital.

Ques. 2   What are the office timings of NAMS (India)?       

Ans: The timings are 9.30 AM to 6.00 PM Monday to Friday. The Academy office is closed on Saturday, Sunday and Govt. Holidays.

Ques. 3   How can one become a Fellow of the Academy?       

Ans: As per Regulations of the Academy, nominations for Fellowship are proposed and seconded by Fellows of the Academy. As such, the forms are supplied to the Fellows on their request. The last date for receipt of the nominations is 31st December of every year. As per Regulation II (g) of the Academy, all communications on the subject of candidature shall be addressed to the proposer with a copy marked to the candidate.

Ques. 4   How can one become a Member of the Academy?        

Ans: Membership of NAMS is of two types:

a)By election, and the Membership thus awarded is called MAMS. As per Regulations of the Academy, nominations for Membership are proposed and seconded by Fellows of the Academy. The Criteria for election to Membership could be seen on the website under Rules & Regulations.

b)As per Regulation V of the Academy those who have cleared the DNB Examination in November 1992 and onwards are also eligible for Membership. They are awarded MNAMS.

Ques. 5  I have passed DNB Examination. How can I become Member (MNAMS) of the Academy?        

Ans: You may send your formal request to the Academy along with your postal address. The form will be sent to you by post.

Ques. 6   Is the form for Fellowship/Membership available on the NAMS Website?       

Ans: No, the forms for the Fellowship/Membership are not available on the website. For procuring the forms for Membership, one has to send a request to the Academy along with ones’ postal address.

For Fellowship the forms are supplied only to the NAMS Fellows on request.

Ques. 7   Is it necessary to attend the Convocation to receive the Scroll?       

Ans: It is mandatory to personally receive the Scroll within three years of candidate’s election as a Member/Fellow of the Academy.

As per Rules 15 of the Academy, “If the elected Fellow/ Member is not able to attend the immediate following Convocation for any reason, he/she may receive the Scroll in person at the subsequent two Convocations. If he/she is not able to attend any of these Convocations, he/she can receive the Scroll in absentia by registered post on payment of Rs.1000/- or the amount decided by the Council from time to time”.

Ques. 8   How can I get assistance from NAMS to conduct CME Programme with the financial assistance from the Academy?       

Ans: For organizing a CME programme by the financial assistance from NAMS one has to fill up the prescribed form which can be downloaded from the website or on submitting a request to the Academy to send a form. The form should be duly proposed by the Convenor of the state chapter and forwarded by the Head of the Institution. Duly completed form should reach the Academy at least three months before the proposed date of the CME programme.

Ques. 9   Does NAMS publish any scientific documents?       

Ans: The NAMS (India) publishes its flagship journal called the Annals of National academy of Medical Sciences (India). It has also published Monographs on a few topics of national relevance.

Ques. 10   Where will the next Conference of NAMS be organized and when?       

Ans: The next Annual Conference of NAMS (India) will be organized at All India Institute of Medical Sciences, Patna, Bihar on 16th to 18th October, 2015.



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